Adding drone imagery can change your marketing world!

We have teamed up with to provide arial drone video and still photography for a variety of marketing needs.  This video is for a residential real estate sale.  The 10 acre lot is shown well using the drone video footage and still photographs all captured in amazing HD 4k!  Now we can offer imagery from 300 feet up to a interesting close up of a feature of the home.  This process can be used for a variety of marketing needs… showing your entire property, be it residential real estate, commercial real estate, businesses of any kind, car lots, schools, construction sites and many more!  Imagine a city using drone footage to do city planning, zoning, etc.  Much cheaper then renting a helicopter!  Our services can even be used by police or fire departments to survey a scene!  Check out this sample video of this lovely home located in Crown Point.  Insured, FCC licensed, we’re ready to assist you with your unique marketing needs.


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  1. Candi Pyatt March 23, 2017 at 12:08 am #

    Nice tutorial. thank you!

  2. Adding drone imagery can change your marketing world!

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