Allowing enough time to document your wedding day is key to getting great images that tell the complete story of your wedding day!

Deciding how much time you need to hire your photographer is an important decision.  Capturing great imagery to tell the story of your day take time and your photographer has to be present to capture those little moments throughout the day.  Some of the most precious images are of the bride (and groom) getting ready with their wedding party.



The day can offer it’s own degree of stress, but rushing through your wedding day is not going to eliminate stress, and in most cases it ADDS stress!  Having time to enjoy your wedding day seems to work best.  We have photographed many weddings, and some flow right from the ceremony to the cocktail hour right to the reception with little or NO breathing room.  We often advise not to have such a tight schedule and ask when will be the ‘photo’ time?



Remember that after the wedding day is not the time to mention that it would have been nice to have photo of this, or of that!  It’s too late then!  Communicating to your photographer about what is important to you and providing a list of specific photo requests is always welcomed.  Naturally, a good wedding shooter doesn’t need to have a list that reads “our first kiss”, or “us cutting the cake”, etc.  We know that they will know that those images are all part of the wedding and should be captured.  But anything special, like your grandma with a certain person because they are here from out of the state or country, etc.




We always capture as many details of the wedding as we can.  Many of our couples often comment that the photos were the only time they got to see some of the details that go into the planning of a wedding.  And those details are great memories of the day too!  But again, anything special or out of the ordinary should be conveyed to your wedding photographer.




And if possible, carve out some time with just you and the photographer.  You both will look your best on your wedding day, and the entire day is pretty much spent with family and friends surrounding you.  Why not take some “us” time after you are married to get some lasting images that you will love to have in future years.  Plus some quiet time during a very fast paced day might be a welcomed break!


The bottom line is to enjoy your own wedding day!  Relax, don’t rush though the day!  And by all means, allow enough time for your photographer(s) to capture as many lasting memories of your day as possible.  An extra hour or two won’t break the bank, and would really be a wise investment.  -Rick Bella for Bella Photography

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