Big City Shooting Always Interesting

Providing Real Estate photography in Chicago is very rewarding. It allows me to see many various ways people live in a large U.S. city. I’ve noticed that location is as important as the actual house, condo or townhome itself. This particular shoot was an 800 square foot condo in a large building close to Lake Shore Drive in a cute area of the city. 

As I arrived at the beautiful entrance, I was greeted by Eugene the doorman! He actually got up to open the door for me after he noticed that I was carrying a bag and tripod. Well spoken he asked how he could assist me. As I waited for the real estate agent, I noticed that Eugene would greet each resident ‘by name’… “Hello Mrs. Smith, have a great day Mr. Reynolds”, etc. Very impressive. Here is a snap of the foyer area.

The unit was nice with a remarkable view. Although a bit on the small side, it offered everything one or two residents would need. And if you are living in Chicago, you may not really want to just sit inside your condo on the 16th floor anyway. Here are a few images that tell the story of this great space. 

Seeing how other live is always a very interesting experience. Working in the city of Chicago is just as exciting. On any given day, I can photograph a $1.7M house on a large acreage lot or this 800 sq ft condo on the 16th floor of a high-rise in the city. What’s not to love about that? -Rick Bella for Bella Photography 

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