Capturing high school senior memories are rewarding…

Meet Hannah – a delightful young lady and high schooler that Jodi and I had the pleasure of photographing. It is such an honor to document this particular time in high school seniors life. They are completing high school days, and beginning a new chapter in their lives. Hannah will be heading to Purdue in West Lafayette. We enjoyed her smile, which is magical and she did a lot of that smiling very naturally all day during her photoshoot. 

Hannah is multi-talented… playing the viola, guitar, and she has a voice of an angel. We actually asked her to sing songs during her shoot for we could capture some if her emotional images while performing. 

Her photo session was captured at Coffee Creek in Chesterton, and at our own studio location in Valparaiso. Hannah was up for anything and cooperated with all of our requests to move around the park to get great backdrops. She wouldn’t jump in the water though, but with that head of hair, we kind of understood that!! 

She brought various clothing changes which we not only allow, but welcome/encourage, again allowing us to capture a nice variety of images. We utilized our old studio building moving around to enjoy various backdrops that our location offers. The image below was in one of the unrented suites on the 2nd floor. We loved the wood floor, big windows, and look of the brick walls. Hannah’s voice bounced around the hard surfaces beautifully and made her singing sound like stereo with sounds coming from all angles. 

We used an area on our main floor that showcases some of the old Valpo Tech learning tools allowing Hannah to use an old mic while singing. Jodi and I had to limit ourselves since we seemed to just want to keep photographing Hannah with no regard to time or the number of images captured! We finally stopped and felt good about getting some interesting senior memories for Hannah and her family to enjoy for a lifetime. -Rick Bella for Bella Photography

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