Find your Beat at the Rhythm Discovery Center

Another one of my surprises during my birthday weekend in Indy was a trip to the Rhythm Discovery Center.  Jodi knows my interests and devoted the weekend to celebrate my 60th birthday!  The Rhythm Discovery Center is the World’s Foremost Drum and Percussion Museum, providing innovative programs; interactive, standards-based educational exhibits, and artist performances.  Check out their website:  

It is a great place to learn about the origins and evolution of drums and percussion. Worth a visit for any music enthusiast… or anyone who likes to hit things!  And we all did just that… we hit, banged, played, shook and just had a blast looking at the history of percussion in the world.

Above, Jodi and her sister Chelle check out the chimes.  It was so cool to be in a museum that didn’t have a bunch of “Do Not Touch” signs!  Granted there were a few things that were not to touch and everyone respected those displays.  But to be able to just play, try, and goof around with percussion items was really fun, no matter what your age.  

There was one large room with a glass wall that stored many interesting percussion items.  From ancient drums to modern day sets, it was full of many unique items worth a look.  

Above, Jodi tries out the Tympany drum and she was pretty good!  

There was a circle of conga drums where 20 or so people could all play at the same time.  Jodi was having fun spying photos of me banging on things!  I was a drummer growing up and even played at IU with the Singing Hoosiers.  And Jodi got me another set that I am enjoying playing at home.  

My brother-in-law Greg was also a drummer years ago and we had a blast checking out the sound-proof playing rooms in the center. Full sets were set up for anyone to check out… these were quality sets and great cymbals and hardware.  No kid sets here, just good old sets that created great sound.  The rooms allowed you to change the acoustics of the room so you could change it from a large concert hall to an intimate jazz club all with just a push of a button.  And the reverb/echo really did change.  Pretty cool.  

This was a great experience and for the admission price of $12 (per adult) well worth the price.  There is no time limit so you can stay as long as you’d like to enjoy all of the wonders of percussion.  There are videos and many great displays and info about how “Rhythm” has been part of our world since the very beginning.  Check it out!  -Rick Bella for Bella Photography

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