Getting a creator’s idea in imagery is both challenging and rewarding!

There is a great “thrill” to capturing someone else’s creation to share with the world.  I love photographing a variety of things… people, real estate, food and events.  They have their unique challenges.  But creating a beautiful image of food – one that can invoke the viewer to really want to eat that food is exciting.  I captured three such images this week for Ruben’s Mexican Grill, located in Dyer, IN.  His vision on how to use a new to the U.S. product called Sunbites® Sweet Corn on the Cob is really fun.  Three different dishes offering that taste of summer all year.  The dishes looked amazing, so it was not too difficult to add a few other elements to make an interesting finished image.  Below is Chef Ruben’s take on a traditional Mexican dish called “Elote” (corn on the cob).  It is covered with mayo, then sprinkled with Cotija cheese, then sprinkled with a blend of smoked Paprika and Cayenne pepper, and topped off with a few drops of fresh squeezed lime juice.  The dish, served as an appetizer (one ear cut into two pieces) is delicious!


The key to this image was to highlight the “Elote” dead center and tack sharp!  The other elements added color and depth to the image.  In the background is a string of lights blurred out by my selection of aperture.  The next dish is Chef Ruben’s take on a Shrimp & Corn soup with squash and peppers!  This savory broth served with pieces of bread that you will love using to absorb the delicious broth is a meal in itself!  Several pieces of shrimp and a full year of corn cut into 4 bite sized pieces.  The photo challenge here was to show the soup and all the goodness inside.  Ruben’s heaping bowl made that pretty easy allowing me to showcase the different ingredients of the dish.  It is certainly a savory treat!

Shrimp+Corn Soup-FB

Chef Ruben’s third dish is an appetizer that the table can share.  The corn cob is cut in half, then four shavings per half are cut down the corn kernels making a little sweet corn cluster.  The ear makes eight pieces and are then deep fried in a Corona® Beer battered mix served with a Lime Aioli dipping sauce.  The sweet taste of the Sunbites® sweet corn along with the saltiness of the beer batter allow this dish to give you the sweet/salty experience that almost everyone on the planet loves!  They are topped off with a sprinkling of Cotija cheese adding yet another layer of salty goodness!  Have your beer, or Margarita close by to give you a tasty treat.  My desire here was to highlight the pieces of the appetizer.   It is meant to be a ‘hand to mouth’ appetizer and fun for the entire table to share!  See how my different aperture settings showed more of the light bulbs from image to image.  I thought it gave each image its own unique look and feel.  I hope these made you hungry!  If so, then the imagery worked and you will be heading to Ruben’s soon!

Corona Sunbites-FB

You may find out more about Ruben’s Mexican Grill at their website: or by stopping by their location at 3364 Sheffield Ave, Dyer, IN.  You can find out more about this amazing sweet corn on the cob at  Watch for new images as Chef Ruben learns new ways to enjoy this great product.  -Rick Bella for Bella Photography, Valparaiso, Indiana.

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