Example of How a Product Photo Shoot Can Work!

We provide many types of photography including product/marketing imagery for a variety of companies. Some of our favorite have been shooting for food companies because we usually receive a bunch of great food to use for the imagery that then has to be disposed of after the photo shoot. Disposing can be done in a variety of way and we count ‘eating it’ as a way to dispose! Some clients simply send in their products for us to shoot and return. Others like to be present to offer what their vision was for the particular marketing piece they will create. Both work well, but having the clients in our studio is always fun and exciting as we show them images that are being captured. It makes for a real team effort yielding great results.

This week we had a great shoot with our friends at The Barbauld Agency, also a Valparaiso, Indiana based company who is working with a client to help promote their eyeglass and sunglasses business. Although we couldn’t eat any of the samples after the shoot, it was a pleasure working with product that wouldn’t melt, dry out, or otherwise start to look bad after an hour.

So, although you won’t see us wearing any cool shades this summer since they took back all of the samples, it was still a great experience working with Chris and Sarah from The Barbauld Agency. Here is how they made it a great success… they brought many different props to use to showcase the eye glassware. While Chris and Sarah staged different types of glasses, Jodi and I could set up and shoot the various setups which allowed them to get a large variety of imagery to use for their client. 

If you has something to sell, let us help you tell your story with great imagery. After all in today’s marketing world you only have a few seconds to capture someones attention. Offering something striking and a little different just could make the difference.

Learn more about The Barbauld Agency at their website: www.BarbauldAgency.com

See additional images from this shoot at this gallery: https://bellaphotographs.smugmug.com/Product-Marketing-Photography/Eye-Glasses-Product-Shoot/

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