Lesson learned; always take your camera!

My lovely wife Jodi surprised me last weekend with a surprise weekend trip to Indianapolis to celebrate my birthday.  It was a special birthday, so she really went all out!  She even invited my sister & brother in law who came into Indy from Ohio on Saturday as another surprise.  We all went to the Jazz Kitchen for dinner and a jazz show.  The group was the Joe Lovano Classic Quartet from New York!  

I naturally took my camera with us, but didn’t bring it to dinner since I know that taking photos at performances are rarely allowed and I thought I could just sneak a couple shots with my iPhone.  The club is set up with table seating – mostly four to a table and you can order dinner and drinks throughout the night.  It was like being in Vegas where you can sit and enjoy the performance while enjoying a cocktail, dinner, etc.  It was really great.  You can see my brother-in-law Greg’s face and arm in the lower right-hand corner of the photo (that I did not take, more on that in a minute).  And I am sitting to the left of Greg… yep, we were that close to the stage!

Just before the group began to play at 7:00 a guest at the table next to our asked the waiter if he could snap some photos during the performance.  I was thinking, ‘right, like they will just let you take photos’.  The waiter said that it was okay, but not to use flash as that would disturb other guests!  What?  So this gentleman pulled out his 7D (might have been a mark II) with a Canon L series 70 – 200 zoom lens (just like mine) and readied his camera.  Oh darn… I looked at Jodi and said “I should have brought my camera”.  

So throughout the evening, the smart guest with his camera snapped some images while I once in a while tried to capture something with my iPhone.  He was not sitting next to me but his (I assumed) wife was.  So eventually, I asked her if he would mind sending a few snaps of the night as I handed her my bella business card.  I could not speak to him (Michael) directly without being too loud during the performance.  I’m not rude after all.  

So after the performance I was finally able to meet her husband Michael A. Tracy and it was cool that they had recently gotten married and were in Indy visiting friends to celebrate their wedding.  He was super nice and said he would send me a gallery of the images he captured so I could have the memory of this very special weekend.  And so he did… playing the sax above is Joe Lovano himself.  The music was just awesome and each musician was a pro in their area for sure.  What a great show and a really nice treat to quickly get images from Mike.  

Just so happened that Mike also played saxophone and also is the Professor of Music and Director of Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program at the University of Louisville.  How about that.  I told Mrs. T that I also played drums… it was funny and in a way pretty cool too!  So thank you Mike for the great images and for the memories of my weekend.  I love the artistic approach you took to capture these wonderful shots.  

If you can get to Indy, I highly recommend the Jazz Kitchen.  Find out more at their website: http://www.thejazzkitchen.com

And lesson learned… take your camera dummy!!! 

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