NO… MY Luncheon will be at Teibel’s


In my last post, I mentioned how thoughtful my dad was in having his funeral arrangements all pre-determined.  We only needed to sign a couple papers to activate everything and it was done.  One item not completed, as it is usually discretionary, was a celebration of life luncheon after the burial service.

We were in our meeting at Pruzin Brothers Funeral Home in Merrillville, (who did an amazing job with every aspect of my dad’s funeral), and the discussion of a luncheon began.  Of course, we wanted to have a luncheon… dad would have really wanted us to feed family and friends and that is what our family is used to doing anyway.

Innsbrook Country Club offered a nice luncheon and due to its proximity to the cemetery (Calumet Park) it made perfect sense.  The wake was on Wednesday and the weather that day was cold and extremely windy.  We were so honored that so many came out to brave the weather to pay their respect to dad.  It was touching. 

That night, it rained and rained and rained and the wind whipped up even more.  We knew that the Thursday burial day might have bad weather, but we had already organized the use of the mausoleum so family and friends didn’t have to be out in the weather at a graveside burial.

While at the funeral home that morning, Pruzin informed us that Innsbrook had lost power and was not sure if power would be restored in time to prepare the luncheon food.  Seems a large oak tree was blown down in the tremendous winds the night before and fell directly on the power lines running to the clubhouse/restaurant!  Oh no!  Now what?  They said that they checked with Teibel’s in Schererville and that they could accommodate our luncheon crowd with no problem.  Teibel’s just happened to be one of dad’s favorite places to dine and he had taken the family there for decades for their famous Lake Perch and Fried Chicken dinners. 

After the burial service, Tom Pruzin announced that Nick Jr. and Rick would like to invite everyone to a celebration of life luncheon and explained that the luncheon was originally going to be held at Innsbrook, but that a tree fell on the power lines and forced us to now go to Teibel’s, one of Nick’s favorite places to dine.  Devine Intervention?  There were welcomed chuckles and laughter from family and friends which seemed to lighten up the mood.  We all drove to Teibel’s not really knowing what to expect, just that they would have a luncheon for us… The menu; Perch and Chicken of course!  Well played dad, well played! 


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