Not all magazine shoots are glitz and glamour!

We do many different types of magazine photography.  Just the words “Magazine Photography” take most to glamour magazines with beautiful scenery, pretty models, and expensive cars or jewelry.  But there are many other types of magazines that need supporting story imagery!  We love the challenge of working with smaller publications which allow us to offer our creative ideas.  Most of these don’t have the large crew on-sight directing every single photo that we snap!  Pictured here is the cover shot of Industrial Supply magazine.  The feature story was about Cicero Manufacturing & Supply Company.  All images were captured on-site.

IS front pageWe arrive a little early and do a walk-around the project location so we can get a quick feel of what we need to capture.  The writer or story editor has already filled us in as the story line of the article.  At times, they might offer location suggestions, other times we point out great backdrops for the story-telling impact and to support the article topic.  Usually, it’s a combination of both!

IS page two spread

We always remember that we are not photographing models.  These are real people, in their own real business environment.  It is always nice working with these professionals because they realize that the photography will enhance the story about their own business.  So cooperation is always available during these shoots.  Being conscience of their time, we always work quickly, but not rushed, and it is important to have your equipment ready to go without fumbling around for settings, placement, etc.


IS page 3 spread

We also don’t over post process these images.  Again, these are not models and to have a glamour application placed one someone’s face will not only look a bit weird, it won’t look like them!  Naturally, some modest editing is always done, but never “heavy-handed”.  The end result is to have the business owners and managers look natural in their own, typical business setting.


IS page 4 spread

Capturing supporting imagery is a fun time.  We usually do that after the shoot and take some time to walk around the business trying to tell the story of the business with a variety of photographs.  At times, there are specific shots that the art director or editor has requested.  Usually, it is a combination of the two allowing us to capture what we feel “tells the story” of the location.  Being careful not to overwhelm our clients with too many photos, we are selective in what is captured, but offer enough variety to allow the design layout pro’s images to fill in the story-line where needed.  It is an area of our business that we really enjoy because there are no two assignments the same.  It also fits right into what we do as photographers/videographers… “tell stories with images”!  -Rick Bella for Bella Photography

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