Not only great gifts, a worthy cause!

If you are looking for holiday gift ideas this year, there are some local items available from Opportunity Enterprises in Valparaiso, Indiana.  We photographed their products again this year and they include items that almost everyone would like and enjoy.


The really amazing thing about their gift boxes and baskets are they are produced by special needs individuals.  Purchasing gifts from them help our community and support the efforts of this charity.  I got to see their great workers preparing the popcorn for the bags pictured here.  They were all very hard workers doing a great job.  It was very impressive!


From making fresh fudge to popping fresh popcorn their workers had it down to a science and were producing wonderful and “amazing” looking products.  They had quit the system including packaging and labeling of the products.  And who doesn’t like a piece of fudge or popcorn?  There are other yummy candies too like gummy bears, malted milk chocolate balls (one of my fav’s), and other great items.


Check out their website for a listing of all of the gift sets available here: or stop by their retail store.  We know that it is hard coming up with holiday gift ideas and especially corporate gifts… these just might offer a great and new ideas that your customers and clients will love!