Ponies & Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Jodi and I enjoyed the afternoon photographing a pony.  Well, a Mustang anyway!  The 2015 Mustang is owned by Chef Cheryl, a long-time friend who we met through our work with Meals on Wheels of NW Indiana.  Her car is absolutely beautiful!  A bright, what I would call, fire engine red color with black interior.  It really stands out and it was a head turner everywhere we took it today for photos.


Cheryl enters the car in various shows and has won a few honors.  She has naturally named it, and calls it Pegasus!  And not unlike any of our photo shoots, we had to work with the model!  Adjusting as we went along, turn the wheel, put up the window, back up two feet, and turn on the lights!  But our goal was to give Cheryl a nice variety of her car and some images for poster designs.


So what about the cake?  Cheryl is a talented chef, but her real specialty is deserts!  She is an awesome baker and one of my favorite cakes is pineapple upside down!  She makes a killer one!  So, part of our fee today was that we would WORK FOR FOOD!  And sure enough, Cheryl baked a cake and toted it to us in the back of her “Pegasus”!


My mom used to make this type of cake often when I was a kid – and it is a really tasty treat.  The red cherries remind me of her car!  The day was perfect for a car shoot.  Not too hot, not too cold and plenty of sunshine.





It was fun capturing images and now it’s time to get into that cake!  We just might continue this working for food thing.  Might be fun and a great way to try some different dishes.  Do you have a hot car you needed images for?  What’s your culinary specialty?  Perhaps we can make a deal!!!  -Rick Bella for Bella Photography

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