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American CAKE Decorating-9

Pictured above is the cover of a national magazine named American Cake Decorating.  The Sept/Oct 2014 issue 392 highlight local cake maker Adam Wiltgang from Designer Desserts located in downtown Valparaiso.  It was certainly a great honor for Adam as well as us for taking an image that the magazine deemed ‘cover ready’.  The cover story was titled ‘A Sweet Array’ featuring Mini Marvels and Tasty Treats for dessert buffets and small bites.  Adam’s spread featured cupcakes, macarons and a graphic black and white decorated cake that reveals a delicious and colorful surprise.  The ombre slice features citrus flavors from lemon to key lime.  The trick to capturing this image was to make sure the color was ‘spot-on’ so not to lose the color variations in the slice of cake.  Also special attention to focusing was done to capture the wonderful textures on the cake, macaron cookies, and cupcake icing.  And before you ask… NO, I don’t get to eat the food models!!!   Check out Adam’s bakery at their website… or better yet, just stop by.

Above, we were excited to capture magazine imagery for another issue of Industrial Supply Magazine.  We have gone to a few different locations for this publication and always enjoy the experience.  Perhaps it is since the photos are captured on location in an industrial atmosphere unlike some of our day-to-day imagery that we often do.  

It is fun working with the writer and creative director Rich Vurva as he explains what the story line is about.  He always allows me to capture supporting imagery around the location so they can have support photos for the story.  This assignment was at Emergent Safety Supply Co. in Batavia, IL.  The minority owned business was purchased by Mary Porter.  It’s a great story that you want to read from the article in the following images.


This cover image (below) was captured for Industrial Supply Magazine – The Voice of Distribution in the May/June 2015 issue titled “When Off-The-Shelf Won’t Do.  Pictured on the cover is Lee Slavinskas (left) and Jim Betz, co-owners of River Bend Hose Specialty Company located in South Bend, IN.

Industrial Supply Mag cover

Photographing food is always fun and challenging at the same time!  One good thing about today’s technology is that our studio lights are not hot and won’t melt food items during a shoot.  This image was part of an entire series for Wedding Essentials Magazine in their Cake Preview issue.  The cover image was again a cake designed by Adam Wiltfang from Designer Desserts in Valparaiso, IN.  The magazine featured area bakeries and each one received their own full page image of one of their cakes.  Again, there were no cakes left behind in our studio to eat!  I need to work that into our contract I guess!

WE blue cake cover

It was an honor to have so many full page images displayed in this issue.  Below are the other images that were chosen for the Cake Preview edition of this great wedding related magazine.  Here are a few of the amazing cakes that area bakeries provided for the photoshoot.

We have more to add here and will post more soon.  -Rick Bella for Bella Photography






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