Rick Bella is also the broker for Sunbites Sweet Corn, a fully cooked, vacuum sealed sweet corn from Montreal, Canada.  Now available in our area at Rob’s Meat Chop & Deli in Dyer, IN, Beef Mart in Valparaiso, IN, Yesteryear Meat Shoppe in Demotte, IN and also being served at restaurants like Ruben’s Mexican Grill (making Elote and a soup dish), and Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant in Merrillville also providing Elote, a delicious Mexican sweet corn dish with mayo, cheese, spices and lime juice. 

Pictured above is Ruben’s Elote dish… a full 6 inch ear of corn with delicious ingredients then cut in half for easy sharing at the table.  This dish is a real treat for experienced Elote eaters or new-comers!  The flavors just pop in your mouth and the corn is always sweet, crunchy, moist and delicious.  

Pictured above is Ruben’s Shrimp, Corn and Pepper soup in a very savory broth served with bread slices that you just have to dip!  

Above is another image from the soup dish!  

The video below tells the story about Sunbites and the Lassonde company who provides us with this unique treat.  

Sunbites® Sweet Corn – US Importer & Distributor Columbia Fresh Produce – Walla Walla, WA from Rick Bella on Vimeo.

Chef Ruben makes Elote using Sunbites® Sweet Corn from Rick Bella on Vimeo.