Willing and able fourth-generation company owner made this photoshoot fun!

I always enjoy capturing feature story images for Industrial Supply magazine. The assignments take me to interesting locations and I get to meet some really awesome business owners. Tommy Black was just that. A fourth-generation managing director of Black & Company, a central Illinois industrial supply company that has been in business for nearly 100 years!

These photo shoots can become mundane, with similar warehouse type locations and usual views showing a warehouse with racks and racks of products on shelves as far as the eye (or camera) can see.

For this shoot, in Champaign, IL, one of seven locations in Illinois and Indiana, I decided to “mix it up” a bit, and editor/owner of the magazine, Rich Verva, said “go for it”! My idea was to place Tommy up on a warehouse rack surrounded by some of their better selling products. This would be a different approach to the standard owners/management standing on the warehouse floor with me shooting down at them.

Tommy was willing and able to do what I suggested and after a few snaps, we were on to something. Above is the ‘cover image’ that was used for the magazine.

Other supporting images were used sprinkled throughout the story as usual, but I really loved how this cover image turned out. Now, I fear that I’ll be hearing from Rich et al what I’ll come up with for the next shoot! So, with one great cover SHOT, I may have SHOT myself in the foot!

-Rick Bella for Bella Photography   

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