We are humbled to work with many great companies.

We were recently selected to photograph a large company’s conference for the third year in a row. Each year the conference is in a different location. This year it will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We enjoy the professionalism that working with larger companies provide and it really allows up to excel in the imagery that we provide. We have been fortunate to work with large regional and worldwide organizations and often marvel at how a small company like ours, based out of Valparaiso, Indiana, has been so lucky to work with some of our interesting client lists. 

We often don’t get to brag much about our work with these companies due to the privacy that they request. We sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements), as well as post photographs in password protected galleries not available to the public, or upload imagery to hard drives provided by the companies themselves. We know this might sound secret or even suspicious in a way, but companies may present new marketing ideas or introduce a new product during their conferences and it would not be good to reveal a product photo on our website, galleries, or Facebook page when it is not really ready for the public to see. Although it is sad that we can’t share, we certainly understand the reasoning and honor their wishes. -Rick Bella for Bella Photography