What is Personal Branding Photography? Simply put, it is any type of imagery that promotes your personal brand, business, talent, passion and photography for your brand that focuses on your personality. 

Clients want to know who they are doing business with, and in todays world of impersonal interactions it would be refreshing to show your perspective clients who your are instead of just being a name, email address, or telephone number. 

Having a variety of images at the ready will encourage you to do more posts to your own blog page, or social media. Your images are the first impression you make on your potential clients and each image can tell your story allowing the viewer to see that you can help them with your services or products. 

Your images will also show a different side of you instead of that stuffy LinkedIn portrait, or professional portraits. Those are great to show your face, but they don’t tell a story like your personal branding imagery will do for you. And in our world of imagery, you will show that you in tune with the todays marketplace.

Showing images of you and your team actually doing what service you provide, or using a product that you sell helps sell your services. The old saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true very more today in our world of everything imagery!

This is a very customized service and we usually discuss locations, times, and how many digital images will be included in your Personal Branding Package. Reach out so we can design a shoot that best fits your ‘personal’ needs for all your branding promotions. -Rick Bella for Bella Photography