We are certainly in uncharted waters these days during a global pandemic that has claimed a half-million lives. Let’s read that again, over 500,000 deaths due to the Corona-19 virus. Our lives have been changed, the workplace, schools, social gatherings, restaurants, sports and basically all the things we as American’s love to do. 

It is hard to believe that music concerts, wedding venues have all been shuttered for months with only states with low infection rates easing restrictions while others increase restrictions again due to a resurgence of cases. 

Our entire shooting calendar was wiped clean in 4 days in early April. Even events that were far out in the future. Companies just were not going to take the risk with their clients or employees. So conferences were cancelled, charity fund raising galas, weddings, and just about all other photography categories that we provide were just no longer happening. 

So what about your wedding? Some couples are revising their plans for their weddings, moving them to outdoors, cutting down the guest lists, and taking precautions in planing their events. 

You can still have great imagery of your wedding while being careful and cautious. If you think about it, much of your wedding photography is captured in a photojournalism way meaning that we are simply capturing the moments as they happen without even interacting with you at all. The preparation photos we capture from afar, the entire ceremony is captured that way too. Even your introductions, cake cutting, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, wedding party dance and all dancing is captured without the interactions or directions from the photographer. 

Your wedding day will be a roller coaster ride of emotions, some happy times, some sad and everything in between. Your photographer(s) need to be there to capture all of that for you. We often have our couples say that they felt like it was the time they saw their own wedding when they viewed the photographs and didn’t even know what grandma or their uncle, or what the group of their buddies were doing at that moment until they saw the photos. These completely candid photos tell the story of your wedding day. And all can be captured in a safe and distanced way throughout the day.  

We can get close without getting close! Our equipment and lens choices will allow us to capture the raw emotion of your day without being intrusive. And all of the moments that happen during your day are important. So if you are moving forward with your wedding plans this year or next, rest assured that we can capture your wedding day memories for you while telling the beautiful story of your day.  -Rick Bella for Bella Photography