Certified Federal Aviation Administration Drone Pilot

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Photography

Sell property listing faster by offering aerial imagery. Giving a birds eye view showcasing properties with beautiful angles will entice premium prospective buyers to take a closer look! 

Sales and Marketing Photography

Offer a different perspective on your business by showing off your company and its location to your customers. You worked hard developing and building your crown jewel, show your customers what you are all about in beautiful aerial photography or video telling your story. After all, seeing is believing! 

Construction Monitoring - Project Reporting Photography

Construction site monitoring and reporting can assist in progress updates of your project as well as reporting back to clients about how projects are progressing. Photos and video capture can cover the largest of construction sites in just a couple of minutes giving a great view. It can even reveal areas of concern or issues before they become larger or require more work to repair. 

Search and Rescue Operations

Drone use to assist law enforcement can be vital allowing a search of areas much faster than officers or rescue search crews could do on their own. Drones can cover a large portion of land allowing areas to be systematically searched and mapped and could possibly save a life by finding lost people quicker. Law enforcement can also use drone to locate suspects in a crime allow for an arrest that might not have otherwise been possible.