We host clients photo galleries through our own SmugMug site. The galleries allow clients to view and share images, download images, and view images in an easy to use beautiful gallery. Images can be enlarged for easy viewing. In most cases, we will email you a web link that will take you directly to your personal gallery. If you don’t have a link, access is easy by clicking on the link below, then selecting your category of photo gallery like weddings, real estate, family, seniors, etc. us the ‘browse’ tab. Simply open the category and then select your event name.
On the site, you may order prints and other photographic items. In some cases, you may download your images if permission was granted to do that. You may also ‘share’ your images on social media by clicking an image and selecting the ‘share’ option. Let us know if you need assistance of any kind. Please email: info@bellaphotographs.com and we’ll get right back to you!